October 27, 2021
ICC World Cup 2019

Three ICC World Cup matches this weekend including India vs Australia on Sunday

icc world cup 2019 online

Since the ICC Cricket World Cup is in progress Entertainment in the Weekend is a given. Fantastic matches between the teams have been played so far and the weekend holds more. 2 matches are scheduled for every Saturday, and this Saturday holds England vs Bangladesh and Afghanistan vs New Zealand matches. The week is coming to a finish with a bang with India vs Australia match on Sunday.

At present, New Zealand and Australia are at the top of the ICC World cup points table with 4 points each. Many teams like West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have played two matches and won in one. Afghanistan had played two matches but hadn’t been lucky enough to stand victorious in either. Standing in a position worse than Afghanistan is South Africa that had played three matches but hadn’t won even in one. India had debuted in the world cup a bit late than every other team on board and had played only one match against in which it stood victorious. 

Weekend Matches

England vs Bangladesh Live on Saturday at 09:30 AM GMT

Bangladesh depicted a magnanimous amount of skill in WC 2019. The team had won its debut match against South Africa after scoring a gigantic total that SA failed to chase. Bangladesh’s second match was against New Zealand which it had lost but not before setting a decent target for the New Zealand team. The third match against England is a great opportunity for the Bangladeshi team to bounce back into their form from the previous defeat.

England played its first match against South Africa and stood victorious. Its second match was against Pakistan in which it had lost to the Pakistan team. England’s team is in perfect shape and is perfectly capable of handling the Bangladeshi team but given the Bangladeshi’s determination to win, it would be extremely difficult for the England team to secure a victory.

Tomorrow’s match is the third match for both the teams, and it would certainly be interesting to watch them fight for the dominion in the World Cup.

Afghanistan vs New Zealand Live on Saturday at 12:30 PM GMT

This would be Afghanistan and New Zealand’s third match in WC 2019 and the two teams are at the extreme ends of the points table. New Zealand had won both the matches it had played previously, against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The team earned 4 points and is high on victory currently.

Afghanistan, on the other hand, had played two matches till now, one against Australia and one against Sri Lanka. The team had lost both the matches but had displayed a fair amount of skill. The team is waiting for its first victory and would fight hard against the New Zealand team for it. Though the NZ team would make it tough for the Afghanistan team to secure a victory, it is clear that the Afghanistan team is highly motivated and would fight until the end.

ICC World Cup 2019 online

India vs Australia Live on Sunday at 09:30 PM GMT

The most awaited game of the weekend is on Sunday. India vs Australia games are always a delight and would garner huge attention. The teams are reputed for their fight for the top position for many years and though India is in a better position than Australia currently Australia is proven to be one of the strongest teams in the world.

Australia had played two matches against Afghanistan and against West Indies so far in ICC WC 2019 and won in both of them. India that had debuted in the world Cup later than the other nations had played only one match against South Africa and secured a decent victory. The battle between the two nations regardless of the prominence of the tournament is going to be interesting and since the World Cup tournament is of highest regard there is, it is expected to be better than ever. So, don’t miss the matches this weekend.