October 27, 2021
ICC World Cup 2019

The Final two matches of World Cup are between IND and SL & AUS and SA

ICC World Cup 2019

World Cup 2019 League matches are finally coming to an end. After a tenacious but highly impressive performance from the 10 teams, 4 teams namely Australia, India, New Zealand, and England qualified for the semifinals. Though failed at entering the semis, the other teams gave extraordinary performances in many matches entertaining the audience.

Only two matches remain in the World Cup Leagues and they are between Australia and South Africa and India and Sri Lanka. Though India and Australia qualified for the finals, the matches are going to decide their position in the semis and who they are going to play against. Australia and India currently hold the first and second position in the points table with 14 and 13 points respectively.

If the two teams secure a victory in their respective matches the positions will remain the same. If Australia loses the match to South Africa and India wins, India climbs up in the points table and occupies the first position. Since the 1st Semi-Final is between the first and fourth position teams, India will then have to play the team in the fourth position, i.e., New Zealand and Australia will play England that is in the third position in the second semifinal that is organized between teams between 2nd and 3rd position.

ICC World Cup 2019

The match between India and Sri Lanka is organized in Headingley, Leeds on Saturday, 09:30 AM GMT. Sri Lanka had already been eliminated from the tournament. It currently stands at 6th position in the points table with 8 points. The team though stumbled in the beginning, later pulled itself together and won some serious matches. Sri Lanka won over England and West Indies that are considered to be the strongest teams in the tournament. Since this is their first encounter against India, the team might fight hard to secure a victory and exit the tournament with their head held high.

South Africa’s performance was tragical in this tournament. They were the first team to be eliminated from World Cup 2019 since they had lost all the initial matches England, Bangladesh, West Indies, and India. The team later secured a victory against Afghanistan and later against Sri Lanka to gain 4 points. Since they were the only victories of the team and today’s match is their last match in the World Cup, South Africa would try hard to fight back against Australia. This might make the match entertaining but given Australia’s performance in the entire tournament, it will be hard to gain a victory against them. South Africa vs Australia match is scheduled at 12:30 PM GMT in the Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.