October 27, 2021
ICC World Cup 2019

Sri Lanka vs West Indies: Who’s it going to be?

ICC World Cup 2019 SL vs WI

Both Sri Lanka and West Indies are eliminated from the tournament from lack of enough points, but in a long shot, if fate works magic, Sri Lanka still has a chance of entering the semis. But magic seldom happens in international cricket let alone in world cups. The match between Sri Lanka and West Indies will take place in Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street.

Playing 5 out of the seven scheduled, Sri Lanka still has two games ahead. The team currently holds 6 points- four earned by winning two matches and 2 earned when two matches were abandoned due to rain. The team had performed very poorly in the tournament and won only against Afghanistan. However, Sri Lanka’s victory against England in the recent match gave them a success story in the World Cup as the team had lost to almost every other team out there except Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

ICC World Cup 2019 SL vs WI

Its performance in today’s match will earn them two points if they secure a victory. Their next match is against India and if they manage to win in that too, they will reach ten points. This doesn’t necessarily qualify them for the semifinals, but England, Pakistan, and Bangladesh stand at 10, 9, and 7 points respectively. For Sri Lanka to get ahead of these, England must lose its next match against New Zealand and Pakistan must lose to Bangladesh. Even then, Sri Lanka would have to compete with England through NRR for which a massive win is required. Though this is improbable, one cannot restrain from hoping for the best.

West Indies, on the other hand, had only one major victory in the tournament, against Pakistan. They had lost all the matches played against the other teams except South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. The match against South Africa was abandoned and they are yet to play matches against Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Though today’s match will make no difference for in West Indies’ World Cup Journey, it can boost their morale.