October 27, 2021
ICC World Cup 2019

Pakistan’s “It’s Complicated” Position & New Zealand’s Chance to Enter the Semi-Finals

ICC World Cup 2019 NZ vs PAK

Pakistan currently standing at the 7th position on the points table is going to face New Zealand, which is in the second position. Pakistan team played 5 matches and won 2 of them with another match left abandoned, earning a total of 5 points. New Zealand is one of the top teams that had played 5 matches and without losing a single one. One match was abandoned due to rain and so the team currently holds 11 points.

Both the teams still have three matches to play and Pakistan will reach 11 points if it wins in all three. Even then, qualification of Pakistan to Semi-Finals will depend on other teams like England, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. England holds 8 points, Bangladesh 7, and Sri Lanka 6. The former two teams still have 2 matches left to play and Sri Lanka has 3. If England and Bangladesh win in one game and loses the other, and if Sri Lanka loses even one game in the three left, Pakistan will have a chance at entering the Semi-Finals.

ICC World Cup 2019 NZ vs PAK

If any of the mentioned teams reach twelve points which is feasible in case of England and Sri Lanka (if they win all the future matches in the tournament), Pakistan will lose the chance of entering the Semi-Finals. Even if England and Sri Lanka lose their chance of entering the Semis, Bangladesh would still be in the way of Pakistan if it wins in the two games left since it possesses a better run rate which leaves no choice for Pakistan but to win in the next three matches with a decent margin.

Contrarily New Zealand will have to win only in one match to enter the semifinals. The team is fantastic and is in an amazing form to lose another match. Their steady streak of victory in the tournament is a testament to their skills. As per the weather forecast, since there is a little chance of rain today it is most likely that the full game will be played. So today’s comes down to Pakistan’s determination to stay in the game and New Zealand’s conviction to continue their winning streak. Who will win- Find out in the evening.