May 17, 2021

Sri Lanka vs West Indies: Who’s it going to be?

Both Sri Lanka and West Indies are eliminated from the tournament from lack of enough points, but in a long shot, if fate works magic, Sri Lanka still has a chance of entering the semis. But magic seldom happens in international cricket let alone in world cups. The match between Sri Lanka and West Indies […]

Afghanistan team for ICC World for 2019

Overview: AFC or Afghanistan cricket board has announced the team Afghanistan for WC 2019 to participate in Wales and England from world cup tournament that has already started from 30 May. According to the press report released on the official website, the final team was finalized and shortlisted from the 23 members that were the […]

With Matches like India vs England, This Weekend World Cup has a lot to Offer

Watching World Cup has been an extraordinary experience in the last couple of days. Increasingly tense matches have taken place between the best of teams and some close calls have added to the experience. Exceptional skill and sportsmanship were observed in the matches and cricket lovers have enjoyed the true essence of Classy cricket. Australia […]

Sri Lanka vs South Africa: A Battle Worth Watching

Sri Lanka had displayed spectacular skills in the previous game against England and gained a glorious victory by 20 runs. The team was determined, rigid, and executed their game plan in a wondrous way. With their recent victory against England, it had been speculated that Sri Lanka is back on track and might win a […]

India vs West Indies: Another Worthy Match that can amuse the Fanatics

A thrilling last ball match was observed between New Zealand and Pakistan yesterday in which Pakistan had a glorious victory over New Zealand that had not lost a single match in WC 2019. The match was spectacular and ran till the last over with Pakistan gaining a victory of 6 wickets. With yesterday’s victory, Pakistan […]

Pakistan’s “It’s Complicated” Position & New Zealand’s Chance to Enter the Semi-Finals

Pakistan currently standing at the 7th position on the points table is going to face New Zealand, which is in the second position. Pakistan team played 5 matches and won 2 of them with another match left abandoned, earning a total of 5 points. New Zealand is one of the top teams that had played […]

England vs Australia: When Two Giants Face- It’s Calamitous and Exciting

The two stronger teams of World Cup 2019 are going to face each other for the first time, and it is bound to be exciting. England is currently on the 4th position on the points table with 8 points and a positive run rate of 1.457 while Australia is in the second position with 10 […]

ICC World Cup 2019 Sri Lanka Team

Sri Lanka is one of the ten teams contesting for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Wales. The 1996 champions have a strong record in World Cup events, becoming runners-up in 2007 and 2011 World Cup Tournaments. The team performed well to reach Quarterfinals in previous World Cup edition. Although, due to […]

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan: Today will reveal the real winners of ICC World Cup 2019

Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been performing very well in the World Cup 2019 and both have won the hearts of cricket lovers with their persistence. Bangladesh had managed to secure some amazing wins against some of the strongest cricket teams of the world in the tournament. They have made their stand evident in their first […]

Pakistan Cricket Team for ICC World Cup 2019

The ICC World Cup 2019 has bought a great thrill to Cricket lovers all around the world. In such a big tournament selection of players is a very crucial point for every cricket team. Here we will see the complete list of Pakistan Cricket team players and the key players of the Pakistan team for […]