October 27, 2021
IPL 2020

Kevin Pietersen says IPL must kickstart the Cricket Season

kevin pietersen about ipl 2020

Amidst Pandemic Lockdowns and Global Panic, people are seeking out newer distractions to keep themselves busy. Most of us that can work from home are busy with our daily works but are clueless as of what to do on weekends. We have been shuffling through the great archives of OTT and VOD platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, YuppTV, etc., to keep ourselves distracted.

Those of us who love to stay updated on the latest news are glued to the news channels televisions and smartphones taking everything they can about the pandemic situation, global economy, and the potential climate change. The movie industry that is on a break has been rekindling with its greatest movie memories. Television and Film Celebrities are making safety and fitness videos to keep themselves distracted and the fans entertained, while sports celebrities are eagerly waiting to get back on the ground.

kevin pietersen about ipl 2020

One among these is Former England Cricket team Captain Kevin Pietersen. Since IPL 2020 has been postponed due to lockdown in India, many cricketers and staff that should have been a part of IPL 13 have remained idle. The tournament was supposed to happen from March 29th but was initially postponed to mid-April and then furthermore due to the extension of lockdown. While BCCI has provided no updates on the scheduling of the tournament, Officials and Cricketers have been expressing their ideas about how IPL must be conducted amid these serious conditions.

Kevin Pietersen denoted the same idea that the IPL must be carried out in 3 safe venues with Empty grounds. Even if it is July or August, IPL must happen and with it, the cricket season must get a kickstart. The players are desperate to play IPL and the tournament makes a great contribution to the economy every year.

Many officials including commentator turned cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar also asserted the same notion that the IPL is not just about the players or the teams, but also about the people that work for it. Many people make their livelihood by working during the IPL tournament and conducting the tournament even behind closed stadiums would help many of these.