October 27, 2021
ICC World Cup 2019

Enjoy the best of ICC World Cup Matches this Weekend

India is playing Afghanistan, West Indies is playing New Zealand, and Pakistan is playing South Africa. Three of the most important matches are scheduled this weekend. The reason for them being important is that any victory by the conventionally losing teams is going to bring massive changes in the points table opening doors for the teams that do not possess required points to get to the semi-finals.

If West Indies wins against New Zealand in tomorrow’s match there is a high chance for West Indies to stay in the tournament along with Bangladesh. WI team will win 2 points if they secure a victory against New Zealand. If added to their previous 3 points, WI will move ahead of Bangladesh due to its positive run rate. The team will have a chance to enter the playoffs if any of the top four teams lose their subsequent matches.

ICC World Cup 2019

The same goes for Pakistan and South Africa teams- if either of the teams wins against the other with a huge margin. The Afghanistan victory too can make India lose two points. However highly unlikely the scenario might seem, given the performances of both the teams, it would be a huge disadvantage to India as it is already at the 4th position in the points table.

Another reason for watching these games is that the matches are between equally strong teams like West Indies and New Zealand and Pakistan and South Africa. In most of the matches until this point, the balance was a moot point. Stronger teams have secured victories too easily and some of the matches seemed pretty one-sided and quite predictable.

Conversely, the matches between Pakistan and South Africa and the West Indies and New Zealand are unpredictable which makes them exciting. If there is anything that an avid cricket lover looks forward to, it is a close-call match that goes on until it’s the final over.

So, enjoy the India vs Afghanistan match from 09:30 AM GMT, West Indies vs New Zealand match from 12:30 PM on Saturday, and Pakistan vs South Africa match from 09:30 AM Sunday.