October 27, 2021
ICC World Cup 2019

England vs Afghanistan: After two great matches will this Excite the Cricket Lovers?

Two matches, India vs Pakistan and Bangladesh vs West Indies provided the cricket fans with an ultimatum of fun. Regardless of India’s victory against Pakistan, the reputation that preceded over the game since decades had made it the most important game of the tournament. With India scoring a gargantuan total of 336, Pakistan lost the match.

The other match between Bangladesh and West Indies was ecstatic since Bangladesh which was considered weaker than West Indies defeated the WI team by chasing a historic score of 322 runs. This was highest chase in the Ground and the second-highest chase in the tournament. This enormous feat coupled with a 7 wicket win made the games one of the best to watch.


With these kinds of matches, today’s Afghanistan vs England match might look to be boring since both the teams are at the opposite ends of the points table. England earned 6 points with 3 victories among the four matches played and Afghanistan hadn’t won a single match in the entire tournament. Looking at the stats of both the teams it is highly likely that England is going to obtain a victory in the match against Afghanistan.

Afghanistan though had a bit of bad luck in the tournament is trying to secure at least one victory. Given their play in the tournament, their chances of winning in this match are slim but if they put up a good fight the match might become exciting. If England’s top order fails and Afghanistan manages to put together a good total there is a minuscule chance of Afghanistan winning the match. But that is a very long shot and miracles seldom happen in game highly reliant on skill. The England vs Afghanistan match will begin at 09:30 PM GMT in Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.