October 27, 2021

COVID-19 Pandemic brings out the humanity in all- BCCI donates 51cr to the PM relief fund

We are going through one of the greatest epidemics this generation has ever witnessed. A deadly virus with over 15% mortality rate has spread through the whole World and has put entire countries, both small and large, under lockdown. The COVID-19 Pandemic as was described by the WHO is still a major threat the world is facing currently.

At present, the total number of patients across the world that have been and are infected is 0.78 million. Out of these, nearly 37,800 i.e., 19% of deaths have been reported and the number is currently raising. The recovery rate from the virus is around 81% i.e., around 165,000. There are still 5,82,000 active cases across the world and 5% of them i.e., almost 29,500 of them are in critical condition.

The numbers in various countries are baffling and though it seems that the spread is being controlled, in some countries the number of cases is still on the rise and in large numbers. The epidemic’s first case was reported in Wuhan city of China in which nearly 81,518 Chinese have been infected. The number of deaths in China is more than 3300 and it has been declining in the past few days. After China, Italy, the USA, and Spain have been the most affected with a large number of infected cases and deaths.

India has been one of the few countries with a relatively lesser number of infected cases and deaths. After a few weeks of reporting its first case, India has reported 1200+ infected cases and more than 30 deaths. While the authorities are asserting that the spread is being contained, many experts are in the opinion that India is yet to see its phase of massive spread.

In the meanwhile, celebrities and the affluent businessmen from all across India have been contributing significant amounts to face the crisis. The Prime Minister has set up Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES Fund) to help fight the corona pandemic. The Indian Cricket board BCCI has made a massive amount of 51 crores to fight the epidemic. Sourav Ganguly, President of BCCI along with Jay Shah, Honorary secretary and Office Bearers of the BCCI, has announced to donate this amount to the PM CARES Fund.

BCCI Donates 51cr for coronavirus

Other Cricketers like Suresh Raina had contributed Rs 52 lakh and Sachin Tendulkar had contributed 50 Lakh to fight the epidemic. Sourav Ganguly personally promised a Rs 50 Lakh worth of rice donations to the underprivileged. Indian Captain Virat Kohli and his wife, Bollywood Actress Anushka also made a donation without disclosing the amount.

The Vice-Captain of Indian Cricket team Ajinkya Rahane had also donated Rs 10 Lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Former Indian Captain, MS Dhoni had made Rs 1 Lakh contribution to a Pune based NGO while others like PV Sindhu, Athlete Hima Das, and Shooter Manu Bhaker made Rs 5 Lakh donation to their respective governments.

While the epidemic still looms over the world as one of the major global threats, we need to stand together and fight it as a society. On that note, we urge you to make your valuable donations regardless of what the amount is to the PM-CARES Fund. Stay Home and Stay Safe.